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Provo Taxi Drivers in peaceful protest, says private contracts hogging all of the jobs

#Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands – April 17, 2018 – Taxi drivers are peacefully protesting but they are hopping mad about being cut out of more jobs from the Providenciales International Airport and on Monday the group went on the record about their woes, which date back years, they say.

Ron Higgs is president of United Taxi Alliance, he on Monday explained to Magnetic Media that they cannot get anyone to sit down with them to hear of their concerns, and Higgs claims it is not due to a lack of  trying.  The group, which is said to also be supported by independent drivers and reflects, he said, about 90% of taxi operators in Provo takes exception to the courtesy vehicles and a reportedly ‘new’system aimed at transporting arriving guests. 

“Beaches is already contracting the return to the airport and we have decided as drivers to stand up against that… but Beaches we are told is doing this experimental thing, where they want to see, can persons bring in their people from the airport with no hitch.  We are saying and the Road Traffic Ordinance is saying the airport is to run on a first come basis.  So with a contract to the airport, contract from the airport, what is left for Turks and Caicos Islands taxi drivers.”

Higgs and other drivers were circling the airport drop off and pick up zone, and though it was a peaceful procession of about 20 taxis, the Royal Turks and Caicos Police were summoned to the scene.

The officer cautioned the taxi union president and drivers about keeping the peace, warned about creating any traffic clog but did not stop the circling vehicles from making the rounds.  

It was the second day of the stance, which the taxi drivers explained they do not want to see escalate.  However, President Ron Higgs said their complaints and outcry have been met with insulting resistance from authorities.



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