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Man sets himself ablaze in Governor’s Harbour, Eleuthera

#Bahamas, March 2, 2018 – Eleuthera – Unofficial reports are coming out of Governor’s Harbour,  Eleuthera of a man who set himself on fire, after failing to lure his ex-girlfriend out of a building.  Witnesses are saying that the unidentified man, went down to a laundry-mat, where he made attempts to try and get his ex-girlfriend to come outside of the said building.   After attempts were not successful, according to a voice note now spreading across social media, the man then doused himself with gasoline and lit himself ablaze;

‘yeah the guy just gone up to the laundry by Sonia them, by Andre laundry, he was trying to get Fiona out the laundry must be to go burn Fiona up.  After she didn’t come out, the guy turned the guys on himself, light himself on fire, he is down in the clinic now, burn right up,’ according to the voice note spreading on social media.

We will continue to give updates on this shocking situation as reports become available.



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