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BAHAMAS: PM Minnis thanks the nation’s volunteers

#Bahamas, March 17, 2018 – Nassau – Prime Minister, Dr. the Hon. Hubert A. Minnis Wednesday (March 14) commended the thousands of volunteers across The Bahamas for their “spirit of service and generosity.”

“There is an ever-flowing tide of generosity in our country which touches the shores of every island in our archipelago. This tide of generosity touches the needs of thousands of our fellow citizens and residents,” Prime Minister Minnis said.  “Many who volunteer, serve on a formal basis. Many who serve do so anonymously and without recognition.”

Addressing the Church of God of Prophecy’s Bi-Annual Conclave that got underway Wednesday night at the East Street Tabernacle, Prime Minister Minnis said the spirit of service and generosity in The Bahamas is found in so many hearts and in so many places.

“I think of the tremendous work done for decades by Lady Camille Barnett and so many others in the AIDS Foundation. Cancer societies across this country provide all manner of support for those with cancer and their families.  The Speech Therapists at the Ministry of Education often go unrecognized for the good work they do helping children and students with therapy and encouragement.

“I acknowledge the compassion and dedication of many of our healthcare professionals, including at Community Clinics in New Providence and healthcare facilities in the Family Islands.

“I also acknowledge the dedicated volunteers from Hands for Hunger who (on Saturdays from March to May) arrive early in the morning at Field-to-Fork Community Farm on Blake Road.  In a labour of love for neighbour, the volunteers – some of them week after week — harvest and process produce that Hands for Hunger distributes to agencies that feed thousands every week.”

Prime Minister Minnis told the story of one volunteer, a mother of young children, who when asked why she volunteers, simply responded: “Well it ain’t all about me.”

“Her words are like a Sermon from the Field, a reminder of that great commandment: ‘Love Your Neighbour as Yourself.’  The volunteers of Hands for Hunger, Great Commission Ministries and the many other programmes and ministries which feed the hungry across our land, are a community harvest of volunteerism and community service.

“This community harvest is an overflowing harvest of the generosity, empathy and love of the many thousands of volunteers in The Bahamas who serve their community in ways known and unknown,” Prime Minister Minnis said.

Prime Minister Minnis recounted the story of a lady in her 50s who every week cooks and shares her Sunday meal with “a number of persons.”

“This good woman is but an example of the empathy and compassion of the many Bahamians and residents who manifest their spiritual witness and good citizenship in service of others especially the less fortunate among us.”

Prime Minister Minnis said Author Patricia Glinton-Meicholas “who is a gift to our country,” recently published a book of Short Stories along with her husband and a number of generous benefactors.  This book of Short Stories is being given free of charge to many of our students.

“The goal is to encourage a greater appreciation of our culture and a love of reading. This is a wonderful example of service and genuine patriotism,” Prime Minister Minnis added.

By: Matt Maura

Photo caption: Prime Minister Hubert Minnis.

(BIS Photo/Peter Ramsay)


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