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Doctor’s prognosis, healthy recovery for Grand Bahama with hotels, cruise liners, airlift and technology business

#Bahamas, February 08, 2018 – Grand Bahama – Grand Bahama island is just months away from the beginning of a major economic turn-around announced Prime Minister Hubert Minnis in a new year address aimed at charting the fiscal course for The Bahamas.

“Though this transaction is far from completed, it will not be an exaggeration to say that we will have accomplished in a few months what was not done in a decade.  This year, we intend to complete the sale of The Grand Lucayan and Memories property.  After they are reopened, the economy of Grand Bahama, will improve significantly, including with a tremendous increase in employment and related business and economic opportunities.”

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The Grand Lucayan resort which was pounded in 2016’s hurricane Matthew, never fully reopened after the category five storm but it now has a buyer and that buyer is touted to breathe new life into the sprawling properties which includes several resort buildings, a casino and world renowned golf courses.   Two cruise ships, a resort for West End, Grand Bahama and more air-lift are also strides revealed in tourism for the beleaguered second city.

“On the return of the Grand Celebration and the introduction of a new vessel, the Grand Classica, which will bring additional stop over visitors to Grand Bahama.  In conjunction with the Ministry of Tourism, we negotiated an additional airlift agreement with Sunwing, which should commence this year.”

The Prime Minister reminded that tourism development is not all his administration has in mind for Grand Bahama.


 “To focus on the development of Freeport as the focus of a technology hub.  Last week I lead a delegation to Austin, Texas, one of the more prominent technology hubs in the United States.  While in Texas, we met with several companies that expressed interest in contributing to, and taking the advantage of the opportunities that are developing in Freeport.”



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