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Bahamians robbed in Trinidad, Carnival festival plagued by terror plot and armed robberies

Trinidad and Tobago – February 13, 2018 – It will be an early return home from Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago for a dozen Bahamians who were robbed by armed bandits who made off with cash, cell phones, jewelry and a $10,000 Rolex watch – the group was robbed on Saturday night in Carenage, T&T.  The report is that the group was shaken to the core when a gunman entered their maxi taxi and robbed them before dashing off with the pricey loot.

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Unfortunately, the reports of robberies during this 2018 Carnival season are not uncommon and are being reported by victims themselves on social media.  One reveler said it was a teen boy who struck him in his head, causing him to fall to the ground and he was robbed of an expensive camera and $600.

The group of Bahamians, who were staying at the Hyatt Regency Hotel was headed to the  Insomnia fete in Chaguaramas in a Yellow Band Maxi Taxi which was stalled on the roadway due to the street partying in Carenage, explained Trinidad and Tobago Newsday in an online report on Monday.

With the ‘maxi’ stopped, the gunman and accomplices breached the vehicle and robbed the entire group, getting away on foot.  It seemed a well planned, well timed act.

The article reported that ‘Some of them told police that they came to Trinidad before and their stay  here were incident free until now. They have vowed not to return until the crime situation is dealt with.’

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Police promise that arrests are imminent in the matter as an investigation was launched into the brazen heist.

The reports of the crimes against Carnival goers are hurtful to the reputation of Trinidad and Tobago, in fact earning some the name: ‘J’Ouvert Bandits’, but the festivities continue and will wrap up tonight ahead of Ash Wednesday tomorrow which coincides with Valentine’s Day this year.

The reports of armed muggings also come on the heels of warnings issued by both the American and British Governments about possible terrorist activity at the 2018 Carnival celebrations; their citizens were strongly advised to be more vigilant and to avoid large crowds.

Trinidad and Tobago Police Service up to Saturday continued to downplay the terrorism element of the warnings, but did confirm that seven men have been arrested after their plot to disrupt Carnival was detected and thwarted by TTPS, just days before Carnival began.

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