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Over 90% power restored on US Virgin Islands reports Governor

#VirginIslands, January 22, 2018 – Two category five hurricane slammed the US Virgin Islands in September 2017, wiping out nearly the entire electrical grid according to the Governor of the country.  The horrible situation is why the three islands are now applauding the fact that over 92% of customers had been restored by the first week of January this year.

Gov. Kenneth E. Mapp said the goal was for Christmas to be lit up for islanders, that his team was in daily and often hourly contact to ensure that they could reach the target.  A little longer on the timeline, but 90% were able to get electricity by December 25 – Christmas Day – thanks to 1,000 linemen and support personnel.

Governor Mapp calls it a miracle.  “We reached this milestone thanks to the assistance of linemen from the Water and Power Authority and around the country, who even now continue to work around the clock every day, including on weekends and under hazardous conditions, to restore our electrical grid,” Mapp stated.  “This is a near miracle and on behalf of the people of the Virgin Islands, I give each and every one of them my deepest gratitude,” he added.




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