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URCA still investigating Black Friday black out of mobile protability

Nassau, Bahamas – November 28, 2017 – URCA is still investigating why there were mobile number portability problems on Black Friday for users switching from BTC to Aliv.

Stephen Bereaux, the Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority’s (URCA) chief executive said: “There are some lingering challenges across mobile number portability that we are working with the operators to resolve. We, at this stage, without any suggestion of blame from URCA’s perspective in relation to the rules that govern mobile number portability in the Bahamas, think there clearly was a breakdown of sorts and it was inconsistent with how things are supposed to happen.

“Whether that was a technical issue or process issue, how it would have been caused and what action we should take, we are doing our investigation and we expect to be able to give the public a little more information on the cause and where the problem originated.”

URCA’s CEO also shared that if it turns out there has been a breach, they are prepared to deal with it, but for now, the public is advised that “with these systems occasionally there may be issues.”

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