Traffic troubles on dark, crowded, slippery streets in Provo; young woman dies

IMG-20171114-WA0021#TurksandCaicos, November 15, 2017 – Providenciales – Two disturbing reports of traffic accidents overnight in Providenciales, and a young woman is counted now as the country’s latest traffic fatality.  Reports to #MagneticMedia say the young woman is only 23 years old and was the lone occupant of the silver colored Nissan Murano, which images show was a mangled mess.

Details are sketchy at this hour on what may have cause the crash around 7pm Tuesday on South Dock road.

Around the same time, reports of a second serious traffic mishap were coming in, this time a hit and run, we are told on Millennium Highway near the junction to enter front road in Blue Hills.  A man was hit while trying to cross the busy highway, and early reports are the driver who struck him did not stop.

It was less clear the condition of the pedestrian, but we are told the man was seriously hurt – he was seen motionless and laying in the street.  Slick roads caused by the rainy weather, dark streets due to no street lights in the aftermath of the hurricane in still so many areas, the time change which leaves us in near pitch black conditions early in the evening, busier roadways in what is a motor vehicle boom and yes, a lack of proper crossing places on our bustling roadways make for a dangerous combination.





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