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Jobs for Bahamians top of mind says Prime Minister

#Bahamas, November 24, 2017 – Nassau – The Prime Minister is of the view that crime is down and so is the fear of crime, he bases the comment on his personal observation of communities in New Providence.   The comments were shared with media by the nation’s chief outside of the House of Assembly on Thursday, where he also told media he was not affixed on comments where he is accused of lambasting the media but that he was concerned with growing the economy and getting more Bahamians to work.

National Security Minister Marvin Dames was more cautious in his recent observation of how people are behaving in the Capital.   Telling media, “It all depends on where you are measuring from, but I can say certainly in the last few weeks a month or so that we’ve been seeing some very encouraging results.   Have we arrived, we’re far from it, but it certainly begins to set the stage for 2018.” Dames said.



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