Minister of Environment Plan to Dispose of Alleged Poachers’ Items

Honourable Minister of Environment, Ralph Higgs has plans to dispose of the marine products seized in the arrest of the alleged poachers from the Dominican republic. The 43 men were arrested when the Captain Blaze fishing vessel was intercepted by the RTCIPF on March 16, 2017.

There were eight charges leveled at the Dominican fisherman caught in TCI waters allegedly poaching.
The charges were: Use of breathing apparatus to take marine products, possession of undersized Nassau Grouper, possession of Parrot fish, using an unlicensed Commercial fishing vessel, possession of spear gun, taking marine products by use of spear gun, using any vessel to conduct fishing and engaging in commercial fishing in Mouchier Banks without a license and taking marine products without a license.

The fishermen faced the charges in court on May 15 and their sentence was reduced to time served. They were given fresh clothes and shoes, as well as a clean bill of health after the scabies outbreak, before being deported on Tuesday.



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