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Ingraham says PLP lied about debt, calls for Control over Number houses

Bahamas, May 2nd 2017, North Abaco: Former Prime Minister, Hubert Ingraham sounded off at the PLP and allegations of corruption against the ruling party on Monday Night, when he made his appearance on the FNM Platform in North Abaco. He warned voters to be aware of the “lies” the PLP has been telling Bahamas residents for too long. In echoing the question so many have repeated, on what VAT monies collected were used for, Ingraham called on Bahamaians to “fire this government for lying to you. They introduced VAT, tried to make you pay it on your light bill, your water bill, your medicine, the hospital, your food, your insurance. Cause they say Ingraham left The Bahamas broke and we gotta pay the debt”. He added that this was proof of their lack of “intentions to account for anything”, and that public debt had instead increased.

The former Prime Minister and FNM Leader went on to question why Number houses continued to fester under the PLP’s regime. Ingraham speaking to a sea of red, says there was need for control over these establishments, as there “too many number houses in the Bahamas today” and regularising their “operations and the hours and times of opening” was needed.  He told the crowd, that the PLP was hell bent on their own agenda, its proof, was it going against the referendum on legalising of Number houses the people voted against. 



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