Consultations to commence on Long Bay High School 

Turks and Caicos, May 19th 2017 : Plans to make the newly constructed Long Bay High School in Providenciales a junior high school only, will be the topic of a public stakeholder consultation. The matter was brought up during the Cabinet meeting this week, chaired by Governor, His Excellency Dr.John Freeman.

The Long Bay High School has been a matter of contention between the governing party PDM and the opposition, PNP, who started construction of the school back in 2015 during their tenure as government. The Long Bay High School was opened by the PNP administration with the intention of being a full high school that will serve the needs of the already over populated area.

The consultation will focus on the Long Bay High School serving Junior High students, between Forms one and three, while the Clement Howell High School in Providenciales, serve as the Senior High school for students in Forms four and five. A report on the matter has been ordered following the consultation process.






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