Ex-inmate gunned down in Haiti

Haiti, April 18, 2017 – Cap Haitien – Just weeks after being released from Her Majesty’s Prison here in the Turks and Caicos, a former inmate is gunned down in his home country of Haiti.   Eddy Cerant who plead guilty to drug charges stemming from a search and discovery of 114 grams of cocaine stashed in a ‘transparent condom’ carried on him in September 2016 is dead now.

The report to Magnetic Media is that Cerant was killed at his home in Haiti; his son and his son’s friend were both shot but not fatally.  The killer showed up at the door, asked for Eddy and reportedly shot the son in his hand, the friend in the head and Eddy in the head; Cerant was dead on the spot.

Cerant was last month deported after serving his time at HMP and now he is murdered in his home country, on Sunday night we are told.  Eddy Cerant, who was not a regular TCI resident, tried to get through the Provo International Airport with the cocaine; he was caught after disembarking a flight from Grand Turk.

The shooting happened in Cap Haitien.



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