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CTO climate change bulletin coming soon

CTO Hugh RileyBarbados, April 25, 2017 – St. Michael – The Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) will soon make a climate change bulletin available to businesses and policymakers in the region.  The Caribbean Tourism Climatic Bulletin will be a guide on sustainable, environmentally-friendly development and seeks to enhance understanding of the effects of climate change in the Caribbean.

This announcement came through an Earth Day message from CTO Secretary General Hugh Riley.   Earth Day is commemorated annually throughout the world  on April 22.   This year’s Earth Day theme, Environmental and Climate Literacy, focuses on raising awareness about climate change.

The CTO climate change bulletin is being developed in conjunction with the Caribbean Institute for Meteorology and Hydrology. Riley said the CTO recognizes there will always be “conflict” between reaching profit margins and environmental issues.   However, he added that destroying the environment for monetary threatens both present and  future generations. Riley urged Caribbean nationals to recognize their “sacred duty” to protect the region’s natural resources and treasures.

Story by: Zahra Gordon



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