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Christie says race to Election Day, a sprint

Bahamas, April 11, 2017 – Nassau – Perry Christie is describing the upcoming elections as a “sprint to the finish line”. Speaking to what the party described as a city of gold, its crowd donned in yellow at its mini rally held over the weekend at Claridge Road Park, the Prime Minister and Leader of the incumbent PLP told party supporters that they must have their “feet ready for the sprint”, as they prepare themselves “for the announcement”.

Standing before his candidates at the Rally, Christie assured those gathered that the PLP’s representatives were “gifted, talented and they have vision and the capacity to execute the vision.”   Following the first Proclamation that gave way for Parliament to be prorogued on April 7th, the second Proclamation gave Notice of the return to Parliament on Tuesday April 11th, today, when it’s expected that the election date will be announced.






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