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Bully Beef back for Jamaica

Jamaica, April 5, 2017 – Kingston – Bully beef ban is ended now for big importer and exporter of corned beef, Jamaica.  Jamaica’s Minister of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries Karl Samuda made the announcement yesterday that the temporary ban on the importation of corned beef from Brazil has been lifted in the island.

Karl Samuda JASamuda indicated that the decision to lift the ban came as a result of local testing carried out by the Bureau of Standards Jamaica (BSJ) and the Veterinarian Services of the ministry, which found the product to be uncontaminated or “within normal limits”.

“That means that all imports en route, all stocks of corned beef that were quarantined, all stocks of corned beef in warehouses on the wharf, or elsewhere, destined for distribution across the country can now be released for distribution,” he said.

The ministry imposed a ban on the import of corned beef from Brazil on March 20 after reports from Brazilian authorities that several major Brazilian meat processors had been “selling rotten beef and poultry”. Several other Caribbean islands, namely Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, Barbados and Trinidad & Tobago, had also banned the product.

The Minister has assured that Agriculture & Fisheries will continue to monitor the situation.

Story by: Sheri-kae McLeod





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