TCI will not fall off the fiscal cliff says Premier, national facelift coming

Turks and Caicos, March 20, 2017 – Providenciales – The Turks and Caicos needs a facelift and according to the new finance minister, Sharlene Robinson her administration plans to give it one.  “We are going to have some capital projects that are desperately needed, so you would see in terms of infrastructure, major infrastructure happening,  we have to give the country pretty much a facelift and improve the looks and also while addressing immediate needs in the different islands.”

The budget will be late but it will not fall outside of the constitutional timeline,  that means no falling over the fiscal cliff for these islands.   “We have a house meeting that’s coming up in which I will present something know as a Provisional Warrant, that would allow the government to continue to function on a twelfth of the budget until the budget is actually passed.  So you will see that Provisional Warrant coming out this month.”

Minister Sharlene Robinson recently addressed media on money matters and said the budget allocation will remain the same, she said for the upcoming fiscal year.   “We are pleased that already we have pretty much agreed new spend, which is the recurring budget, and I can say to you that you will see spending in the area of Law Enforcement, Policing, Primary Health Care and certain priorities for us, but in particular in policing and prison you would see quite a bit of support.”

The Rufus Ewing regime had allotted $255.7 million for 2016-17 period.  Minister Robinson said it is not comprehensively a PDM Budget because her team will be continuing PNP projects from as far back as two years ago 2015.




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