TCI exposed to terror attack survivor from 1972 Olympics

Rabbi Bluming

Rabbi Bluming

Turks and Caicos, March 16, 2017 – Providenciales – Tonight at Brayton Hall the event featuring the survivor of a deadly terrorist attack against Team Israel at the 1972 Olympics by Palestinian terror group, Black September is taking place .  It promises to be a riveting evening where Dan Alon shares his story to an eager audience.

Among the dignitaries are His Excellency,  Dr John Freeman, Governor and his wife; Premier Sharlene Robinson and her husband with special guest: Delano Williams, TCIs own and first Olympian.  There were stirring remarks from Rabbi Sholom Bluming and one of the event sponsors, EJ Saunders.

There is a video flashback to a newscast of the event of that 20th Olympiad, Q&A session with Mr. Alon and parting words by young Delano.  Sponsors have been honoured already with plaques and thanks from Rabbi Bluming of the Provo Jewish Community.





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