TCI Opposition Leader:  Speaker is biased, suspension ‘erroneous’

Providenciales, TCI, February 15, 2017The Speaker of the House of Assembly was being controlled from the floor of the House and is biased  says the Leader of the Opposition, PNP, Hon Washington Misick who responded by media release to being barred on Monday from parliamentary debate. 

Misick called it an erroneous action by Hon Dwayne Taylor and he was visibly being instructed to make the move by the Premier and Hon Doug Parnell.  “The Speaker is clearly partial to the Government and allowed the Premier to speak without stating whether she was rising on a point of order. Even when this was pointed out by the Leader of the Opposition, the Speaker allowed the Premier to speak without interruption. The Premier’s rant was meant to provoke the Leader of the Opposition. The events of today, were no more than a planned bait and hook orchestrated by the Premier, Speaker and Member for Cheshire Hall.” 

Although the debate rules say there should not be insults at Members of the House, Washington Misick is adamant that he correctly labeled Parnell, a ‘Pompous Blowhard’ because he was trying to take credit for PNP initiatives namely: the TOLCO agreement designed to save people’s homes, for the road works in his (Cheshire Hall) constituency and for the monies allotted to the prison for new perimeter fencing after a prison break in December.

The PNP also takes exception to the handling of Member for Leeward and Long Bay who aimed to correct the Speaker in his management of the ejection but was told to stop speaking and to turn off her mic.  The Opposition side voted 100% in support of Hon Washington Misick remaining in the House for debate on Monday (Feb 13).



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