Libraries computerised thanks to Hospitals Donation

Providenciales, TCI, February 9, 2017 – Libraries in the country which were without computers will see that changed thanks to a generous and modern donation by the TCI Hospitals this morning.

computersEducation Minister, Josephine Connolly with the Cecil Graham, Chief Librarian for the country were overjoyed at the gift of eight new computers which will add to the compliment already in Grand Turk and Provo and the HP desktops will give three other libraries what they do not have: computers.   “I’m happy that organizations like yours see it fit to step up to the plate, to help our children achieve their goals, and I can assure you also that they will look after these computers.”

“With these available now the children are able to do their research because not all the time we are able to have the books, so they need to go on the internet.” – Cecil Graham, Chief Librarian

Daniel Carriere, CEO of TCI Hospitals says this is a gift from InterHealth Canada Corporate and that it is all about adding to the quality of life and ease for a good education.   “This is a small component of what InterHealth tries to do every year in terms of returning money and also our attention back to the community.”

Detorrie Tennant, the Information Systems Manager at the Hospitals said the machines are not only new and state of the art, but they are earth friendly.   “Green, in that it has a very small power supply which burns not much electricity, and the screen which is the  most obvious thing is 21.5 inches, its very sharp.”

Grand Turk and Provo libraries will each get one computer; two new computers will go to South Caicos, two to the library in Bottle Creek, North Caicos and two computers are earmarked for Kew, also in North Caicos.   The handover happened this morning at the Cheshire Hall Medical Centre.



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