Premier promises rehabilitation, opened Juvenile Center and TCIG jobs to ex-offenders

Providenciales, TCI, January 20, 2017 – The juvenile center is a priority for the new PDM Administration and on Wednesday the Premier and Minister responsible, Hon Delroy Williams gave updates on the state of social welfare.   Work is accelerated in order to get the Juvenile Center opened; this will alleviate the need for under aged suspects and offenders to be held with adults at the prison in Grand Turk.

Premier Robinson spoke substantially on rehabilitation and the need for the TCI to bring its rehab standards to United Nations standards to offer ex-offenders a better experience when it comes to re-entry into society. The Premier expressed grave dissatisfaction with the level of rehabilitation activity.   The Fresh Start bill, which was highlighted at the Opening of the 2017 Legal Year also made the cut in that press conference Wednesday.

Premier Hon Robinson explained that now government has to fine tune the regulations in line with the ordinance and there is a plan to meet with the Deputy Governor, to determine how TCIG can be first to begin hiring those who would qualify to have past crimes expunged from their records.   The private sector will also be asked, said the Premier to give these reformed ex offenders a chance at employment.

Photocredit: TCIG Office (photo November 2015)


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