More fight for the Bight coming

Providenciales, TCI, December 21, 2016 – The dust may not be settled yet for the Bight constituency; the PNP secured the seat after a tie where lots were cast and Porsha Smith, the incumbent for the PNP was the name pulled from the bag.   There were a range of thoughts on how the seat in The Bight was ultimately won and comments flooding social media leaned to this being a ridiculous and archaic conclusion to such an important process.

Once people learned that it went from being the popular vote that decided the winner, to a game of chance saying who would represent the 814 voters of ED#6 for the next four years, there was criticism of the law and the method of resolve in the case of a tie.

Stubbs-Smith got 285 votes to win; George Pratt with 284  and PDA Candidate, Dozzlie Delancy, had 38 votes.  Astoundingly, 204 voters did not even show up at the polls in The Bight; putting voter turn-out at 74.57%, just under 10 percentage points down from the 2012 General Elections where 83.13% of the 800 voters showed up.





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