Walkin demands true transparency in NHIP debacle

Providenciales, TCI, November 30, 2016 – Jasmin Walkin in running an independent race for one of five at large seats, Tuesday debuted his new campaign headquarters at Southern Shores complex on Leeward Highway and dealt with some pressing national issues including national security and the national health insurance financial debacle.

“I don’t like when persons put out press stating that certain persons in public service, telling me that someone else that should be doing the job is not doing the job. When the truth of the matter is they’re trying to throw someone under the bus.”

Walkin said there is a lack of transparency and clear understanding of the financials at the country’s health plan.  “We cannot address our issues, because we don’t know exactly what is going on.  That is why persons in public life must be honest and must be able to clearly explain to the people in detail what they have a right to know.”

Jas Walkin suggested what he believes needs to happen when it comes to medical care for those paying into the plan and their dependents.  “I want to know, what makes Jamaica’s facilities better than ours. What makes Bahamas facilities better than ours, and whatever makes their facilities better than ours, we need to make our facilities as good as theirs.  If it’s gonna cost us more money in the short term, then let’s do it.” 

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