Education Minister touts new ICT platform for Public Schools

Providenciales, TCI, September 5, 2016 – Day one of school for hundreds of children around the country and the Education Minister issued a statement and in it exclaims, “Let the Learning Begin!” 

Minister Akierra Missick would have begun some government school tours today and reported that when it comes to faculty and staff, all principals, vice principals and education officers met with the Director of Education and Permanent Secretary since Friday.
That meeting, she explains, updated school officials about pending projects and gave an outline of the Ministry’s expectations.” 
There is an upgrade in the ICT area, new computers were announced and by the end of the year, all public schools, will be part of the new Education Information System which makes it easier to track absenteeism and general performance of students.
This week, the Minister will talk more about the long touted, National Curriculum Review when she meets the press on Thursday.

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