Haitian Flag 213 Years old now

In many parts of the region and in the world there will be festivities to commemorate Haitian Flag Day. In Florida, in Canada, in New Jersey, in New York, in nearby Bahamas and in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

In fact, in the TCI festivities started since the weekend as Haitians and descendants count May 18 – Haitian Flag Day as an even bigger holiday than independence for the country. For those who celebrate with the Haitian people, it is often with an understanding that the Flag Day marks a pivotal time in history.

The symbol came together after Haiti was liberated from France and that liberation sparked the beginnings of slave revolts across the hemisphere. The Haitian Flag was born in 1803; which means the flag is 213 years old.

A motorcade is planned for Provo tomorrow evening… the local Haitian consulate office is among the sites decorated in memory of this remarkable milestone for the people of Haiti.

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